Effective test construction is germane to ensuring sound evaluation of learners and instructional objectives. The implication of faulty test construction is far reaching as it affects all known spheres of learning outcome evaluation. It can lead teachers into reaching inaccurate conclusions about students’ abilities across cognitive, affective and psychomotor…

Date: Saturday January 23, 2020


Classroom Management simply refers to the various ways that can be used by teachers to keep learners organized and attentive during classroom instruction. In other words, it is the process of managing learners’ behaviours with a view to allowing teachers achieve their instructional objectives.

Where Should I Locate My Business? | The Small Startups’ Question

This article is an attempt to provide some guidance to Startups on what they should keep in mind when searching for locations for their businesses. …

Happy New Year to My Favorite French Teacher

I met a wonderful person last year.

Beautiful, talented and very kind.

She has improved my french a lot.

She is always ready to teach as long as I am ready to learn.

Her name is Hanane.

Happy new year to My Favorite Teacher.

I wish to spend this year

and the years to come

learning French under you.

I hope you will never

get tired

of teaching me…👏👏


Why AY Should Be Teaching in Our Business Schools.|Lessons for small Startups

Fans of the Nigerian comedian, Ayodeji Richard Makun, (Popularly known as AY) are currently sharing their views on how AY has turned his comedy shows into a multi-million Naira business enterprise. In one of such views, Rilwan Akeye…


This article is aimed at providing new entrepreneurs with fundamental tips for pitching a Small Startup business for investors.


There’s no gain saying the fact that pitching a business is a difficult task especially for new entrepreneurs…

Idris Akura Kamaldeen

A Teacher in the Morning and a Developer at Night🌻😊

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